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Approachability at Hive
The providers at Hive do not adhere to the traditional medical model of dictating care to a patient. Care is not a one-way street, and you deserve to be heard. They are here to help lift the curtain of misinformation and gatekeeping created by the medical world. Our providers aim to empower their patients through education and understanding so they can make empowered choices in their care and take control of their health.
What Approachability looks like at Hive
  • At Hive, each session is an opportunity for education and explanation, ensuring that our patients are as informed about their condition and treatment plan as our providers are.
  • Our providers create a welcoming atmosphere where questions that come up during and outside sessions are encouraged and expected.
  • Whether you see us in a session, out in the community, or on social media, don’t be afraid to come say “hi!” We truly value building connections with our patients!


Collaboration at Hive

At Hive, we value the power of connection in all facets of care, which is why we foster an environment of equality between our staff and patients. This involves open discussions, sharing ideas, and exchanging views, all of which contribute to more effectively reaching health goals.

But our collaborative approach doesn’t end there; we extend this partnership to include everyone on the patient’s “team”—from healthcare providers to family members, friends, and even the community in which they live. Since health and wellness touch every aspect of life, we ensure everyone involved is included at Hive.

What Collaboration looks like at Hive
  • Our providers encourage open communication and dialogue among patients, their care teams, and other essential individuals.
  • Hive actively engages with the communities we serve by participating in educational events, volunteer activities, and ongoing outreach with other health-focused organizations.
  • We begin every treatment plan with a clear understanding of the patient’s goals, followed by a detailed and transparent outline of the comprehensive care plan. This plan is regularly updated throughout the treatment process, facilitating ongoing, productive, and honest discussions between the provider and the patient.


Compassion at Hive
The providers at Hive put their whole heart into each treatment session because they hear, understand, and feel their clients’ struggles, pains, and challenges in achieving health.
What Compassion looks like at Hive
  • Thorough examinations followed by personalized, tailored treatment plans.
    Providers with extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise bringing evidence-based medicine to every appointment.
  • We understand the lows because we’ve been there too, and that’s why we can help; we’ve had to make the journey to “better” as well, and we are ready to help you, doing it hand-in-hand.


Competence at Hive
At Hive, our providers are committed to delivering exceptional patient care at every stage of the physical therapy process, from initial evaluation to each successive treatment. This high level of care is a result of their comprehensive training, mastery of hands-on skills, and years of clinical experience and knowledge.
What Competence looks like at Hive
  • It is not the patient’s job to educate the provider on their condition or area of concern. When you come to Hive you can rest assured that we understand your problems and have actionable solutions to get you better.
  • We understand that your experience may feel unique and even isolating, but you are not alone. Your condition is well within our expertise. Our team is thoroughly experienced, having dealt with a wide array of cases, and our extensive training enables us to manage these issues and excel in their treatment.
  • Our professionals go beyond the basic requirements for licensure, having completed advanced specialty training in numerous areas. They have reached a level of proficiency where they now serve as educators and mentors to other healthcare practitioners, including physical therapists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and doctors, teaching them how to handle both straightforward and complex medical conditions effectively.


Dedication at Hive

At Hive, our dedication centers on two key pillars: exceptional patient care and ongoing education. Regarding patient care, our providers are relentlessly pursuing every possible solution, striving to deliver the highest quality of care, resulting in the quickest, most significant improvement in the patient’s health.

In terms of ongoing education, our team diligently stays informed about the most current, effective, and research-based treatment methods. They regularly refine their skills beyond patient sessions, ensuring each intervention is performed with the utmost precision, efficiency, and targeted effectiveness.

What Dedication looks like at Hive
  • Hive is often the location people come to for a second opinion or as their “last resort” because they have “failed” treatment elsewhere. We take this role seriously and can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have left no stone unturned after they undergo a course of care with us. This meticulous approach typically results in successful outcomes for our patients.
  • Every patient undergoes a thorough evaluation, including a discussion of their history, past interventions, what they have already tried, and how that has resonated with them. An extensive physical examination follows to determine the possible cause of their health struggles. From there, every patient receives a unique and individualized plan of care that includes manual therapy, behavioral modifications, neuromuscular re-education, exercise prescription, and so much more. This plan of care is then continuously honed, modified, and changed based on patient feedback and insight—because your needs are our top priority.
  • We hold ourselves to high standards, continually advancing our training and education because our patients deserve competence and excellence.


Holistic at Hive
We believe that health is much more than just the physical body. At Hive, we believe true health comes from a body that is nourished physically, nutritionally, mentally, and spiritually. Navigating these aspects in today’s complex world can be challenging, but we are dedicated to helping our patients filter out the noise and concentrate on what truly matters to them.
What Holistic looks like at Hive
  • Balancing the myriad of recommendations from doctors, family, work, social media, and others can be overwhelming. As your trusted partner and confidant, we are here to align what truly matters to you with effective health solutions, crafting a holistic care approach tailored just for you.
  • “Getting better” encompasses more than just treating your symptoms or conditions. It involves a comprehensive healing process that includes your physical health as well as other aspects of life, such as sleep hygiene, hydration, mindfulness, and setting boundaries.
  • Our approach to improving health is comprehensive and personalized because we understand that a one-size-fits-all solution is never the answer and simply does not work.


Joyful at Hive
Hive’s providers are inspired every day to offer exceptional care, improve health, and foster supportive movement, it is what motivates our providers to get out of bed in the morning. We view this dedication as a continuous choice to make nurturing and compassionate decisions, setting off a ripple effect that spreads positively through the community.
What Joyful looks like at Hive
  • Greeting everyone with warm smile.
  • For Hive’s providers, patient care is more than a responsibility; it’s a source of vitality and a true calling that energizes and fulfills them.
  • We practice what we preach, because we genuinely enjoy all this health and wellness stuff!


Kind at Hive
The providers at Hive exhibit a generous spirit, marked by their caring, empathetic, honest, and considerate approach.
What Kind looks like at Hive
  • That indescribable sensation of leaving an experience with your heart feeling full, warm, and content.
  • We embrace tough, honest conversations because they help people make challenging decisions and come to eye-opening realizations about their health journeys.
  • We genuinely care about your struggles and wholeheartedly celebrate your successes in and out of your physical therapy sessions.

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