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Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training

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man participating in sports performance training using cones
What Is Sports Performance Training?

This treatment allows all types of athletes to improve their performance for a specific sport. It is more specialized than regular fitness training—focusing on the specific motor skills, agility, balance, endurance, and strength necessary for the patient’s sport.

Physical therapists can help athletes improve in these areas thanks to their thorough understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. With their specialized knowledge and training, physical therapists will assess the patient’s current condition, including their strength, balance, flexibility, and movement awareness. With these aspects and the patient’s athletic goals considered, the physical therapist will create an individualized training regimen to improve the patient’s performance.

In addition to helping patients train their bodies for better performance, the physical therapist will implement specific training strategies to help minimize injury. This is a critical aspect of sports performance training, as it will allow athletes to stay in peak condition while remaining injury-free throughout the sports season.

During the patient’s assessment, the physical therapist will identify any physical limitations or imbalances that could lead to issues later. They will work on correcting these deficiencies so the patient can perform sports and sports-specific movements safely and efficiently.

Sports performance training is not only rehabilitative (helping to recover from an injury), but can also be preventative. Whether they have had a previous injury or not, implementing sports performance training with a physical therapist will help athletes minimize the risk of future injury.

Not only does this training allow athletes to reach peak performance with evidence-based techniques, but it also protects the longevity of their career. Training to prevent future complications is necessary to provide a comprehensive and effective performance training experience!

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Who Can Benefit From Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training is suitable for athletes of any age who want to enhance performance while learning to prevent possible injuries. At Hive Therapy and Wellness, we have helped athletes of all ages and skill levels reach peak performance; read about their success in our reviews!

Practically any sport is suitable for this training, including but not limited to:

  • Soccer, hockey, football, softball, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Golf
  • Pickle-ball and tennis 
  • Track and field, cross-country running, and rock-climbing 
  • Yoga, pilates, gymnastics, and cheerleading
  • Weight lifting, wrestling, and CrossFit 
  • Swimming sports
  • Bodybuilding 

Whether you have a personal goal of completing a 5K run, are a collegiate athlete, or are competing professionally, Hive Therapy and Wellness is here to help you reach the highest level of performance!

What to Expect From Sports Performance Training

In order to train the body to withstand the demands of competitive sports, the physical therapist will work with you on correcting biomechanical inefficiencies and strengthening the musculoskeletal system. They may utilize various techniques and equipment for enhanced, efficient movement, such as resistance training and plyometrics.

Each athlete can expect an individualized, comprehensive, and structured performance training plan catered to their sport. This may include:

  • Evaluation of current physical condition
    • Strength, flexibility, endurance, and any sport-specific skills are assessed. This includes fitness tests, biomechanical analysis, and movement screening.
  • A review of injury history
    • The physical therapist must thoroughly understand past or current injury experiences to address lingering issues and avoid re-injury.
  • Skill work and drills
    • Works to improve technique, efficiency, performance, and skill relevant to a specific sport. Hive Therapy and Wellness has convenient locations, some of which are inside Anytime Fitness—allowing our physical therapists to work with their patients using many tools and equipment.
  • Strength and conditioning
    • To improve overall resiliency and performance, providers will incorporate training that helps to build muscle, increase power, and develop speed and efficiency in specific movements.
  • Flexibility, endurance, and stamina
    • Endurance and stamina training helps improve patients’ tolerance of physical activity over long periods of time. Improving flexibility in conjunction with this training will help avoid injury or fatigue.
  • Injury prevention strategies
    • Guidance on proper form, techniques, and exercises to prevent injuries common to the patient’s sport.
  • Nutritional guidance
    • Diet or nutritional suggestions to support the training regimen and the patient’s overall health.
  • Mental and psychological support
    • Works to improve mental focus and performance under pressure. Helps encourage confidence and mental toughness.
  • Scalability
    • To promote further growth, the patient’s sports performance training will gradually become more challenging by increasing in both complexity and intensity.

Sports performance training focuses on training athletes to enhance their condition, improve performance, and prevent future injury. If the athlete is currently experiencing or recovering from a recent injury, they may require more frequent physical therapy sessions to ensure proper rehabilitation before returning to their specific activity or sport.

At Hive Therapy and Wellness, you will receive the unique combination of rehabilitation and sports performance training from a highly skilled and extensively trained provider who understands the demands required by your specific sport or activity. This will help them tailor the treatment specifically for you, which will optimize not only your overall health, but also ensure you can perform at the top of your game.

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